Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ricotta Fritters

It's cold outside, and snow actually makes the plain view in our poor area looks beautiful now.  I was thinking to make a snowman. In the winter I am just like some animal hibernating at home, (which means baking and cooking).

I love Italian food even more than French food; in my humble opinion, Italian cuisine is more light and has more variety.  But it's true they deep fry things a lot. For example, these fritters, which I prefer to call ricotta profiteroles.  When I deep fry them, the batter will inflate and become a lovely ball with hollow inside.You really should try to make this one! They are so light and delicious especially when hot, but cold ones are still good.

This dish prefer fresh ricotta,actually you can make by yourself,really easy.See How make homemade Ricotta

Here is the recipe:

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