Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baked okra with tomato and ginger

Brian's colleague will do some charity work, so he will sleep outside just like a homeless person with a whole group of people. Actually I barely see homeless people outside here, I guess the UK's social welfare is really good, better than the U.S. even though they still have some homeless people here. I really admire him and people like that, though I can't follow in his footsteps. I hope he can survive the night outside and I will support him in spirit. If there are some charities that need volunteer to cook for homeless people, I'll be happy to do that. 

I hope Brian's colleague has a warm supper before going out in the cold. Baked okra with tomato and ginger from the Ottolenghi Cookbook will be good.  Ginger can help resist the cold; we used to drink ginger tea which was boiled with crystal sugar in winter.

                                                                                    Here is the recipe:

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