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Hi I'm Grace, I grew up in Shanghai and moved 7 years ago to the Bay Area. I have since lived in Europe for 3 years. Now I'm moving back to the Bay area and want to share my passion and my experience

I serve food that is based in authentic Chinese cuisine, but is enhanced by additions from all around the world, including the places I have lived such as Paris and the UK

I'm a personal chef and I can do weekly meal preparation or cater small personal events (up to 30). I can cook in your kitchen or my kitchen. Prices start at $20/person. As much as possible I use organic food and the best local, seasonal ingredients. I can prepare personalized menus for almost any palettes: all-around. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other specialized diets. I serve the East Bay and beyond.

Please contact me and I'll send you the website and a sample menu. I also have a supper club for pop-up dinners which gives a good first experience of my cooking.

Let me show you my world of food!
Contact us:
Address: 4845 State Court
                 CA 94804
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Phone:  5102102687
Email:   purplerain.zy@gmail.com

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  1. Robert and I really enjoyed our meal with you guys (Anna and Eddy included) So delicious and wonderfully prepared. I think you must put a lot of love into your cooking as it tastes so so good! Looking forward to having you round to ours for some food too maybe with a Polish touch :) xxx

  2. very sweet scientist


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