Sample Menu

Sample Menu


Hot and sour soup
Miso soup(V.)
Tomato and egg soup
Preserved duck egg and asparagus soup
Coriander leave and bamboo soup(V.)
Main dish

Ants climbing a tree 
Szechuan style ground pork with vermicelli
Yu-Shiang aubergine en Casserole 
Spicy aubergine with ground pork in clay pot

Pumpkin and rice noodle
 Taiwanese dish

Mapo tofu 
stir-fried soft tofu in chili sauce

Homestyle Tofu(V.)
stir-fried firm tofu with vegtables 


Six Herbs salad(V. N.)
Carrots and mooli salad(V.)
Miso cabbage sala(V.)
Green beans with hazelnuts and orange(V.N.)
Spinach with ginger sauc(V.)

All the soup made by homemade stock
All main dishes offered with rice
The menu is subject to change

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