Supper Club

The Graceful kitchen Supper Club – East Bay Area few Chinese underground restaurant – is run on a weekly basis with different themes.  

The Graceful Kitchen has come to east bay area, bringing its  signature  mix of Shanhainese, and international  cooking.  Our chef, Grace, blends different flavors and ingredients in a unique savory collation for your dining enjoyment. But a meal at the Graceful Kitchen Supper Club is also an amazing social experience, with the conviviality of the hosts and fellow diners combining for a memorable evening out. 

We do Vegetarian and Vegan and Gluten free too, you can book the date with us, we have a variety of menu you can choose from, minimum 5 people. 

To book a place:
please email: or call 5109826471
We hope to see you there!

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