Monday, June 3, 2013

Another great evening

On May 25, we had another wonderful time having a Supper Club to celebrate the birthday of Colin (pictured below).  His friends were all very nice, interesting people and they were eager to taste new and different dishes. It is a good feeling to cook for people who really appreciate my work.

 They really enjoyed the super big cake (it took me two days to make; I still need to work on the presentation a bit).


Here is what we served:

Shanghainese style marinated Edamame

Steamed egg with ground beef and salted duck eggShanghainese dish

Vermicelli mun-bean sprouts and tofu salad(V.)

Main course (with rice) 
Anchovy butter chicken
Baked alaska with chocolate cake and homemade chocolate ice cream
Also offer jasmine tea or green tea
V. = vegan and veggie

Ready for the guests to arrive!

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