Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to make Wonton

Northern Chinese people like dumplings, while southern Chinese like Wonton. In China wonton have a lot of different names and different ways to wrap them. In addition, there are small and large wonton in Shanghai: in small ones the filling is just ground pork or a fancy one is shrimp.  We eat them as breakfast. When I was a child in the market I remember old ladies would wrap these small wonton on site just using one hand (you don't see this much anymore).  I occasionally bought 50g to take home and cook for a fancy  breakfast. The filling for large wontons can vary, but it usually is ground pork with all kinds of vegetables. It’s good for a weekend lunch, especially on a cold day. 

Unlike northern people who make the dumpling dough by themselves, we just used store-bought wonton wrappers. We only needed to prepare the filling.  The way I describe is what my parents always did when I was a kid. This is how I learned to wrap them.  

                                prepared filling

                                 wonton wrapper

Using a finger, dip some water and wet the edge of wonton wrapper so you can seal it later.  Put some filling in the middle of the wonton wrapper, for homemade wonton you always put a lot of filling,not like the skinny store-bought ones.
Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge and seal it.  Then with two hands move the left and right corners to overlap together and seal those.


Make the shape like"Yuan bao" [an ancient Chinese ingot currency], or a nurse's hat,so they can stand up.  Every wonton when puffed up is so cute.

Vegetable and meat wonton 
yield: 50(serve 3-4 )


for pork
300g ground pork
2 stalk green onion  chopped
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ginger powder              
1/4 tsp white pepper  
1tsp cooking wine     

Stir ground pork and other ingredients only in one direction until it becomes sticky 

for vegetable
150g cabbage or bok choy  
50g mushroom   chopped

Chop finely add 1tsp salt, let sit for a while then squeeze the liquid out of it. and add to the pork mixture and mushroom mix well. that's the fillings. 
wrap the wonton as described above 

for soup:
chicken or vegetable stock
1 eggfried then sliced)
dash dried small shrimps
dash seaweed
dash sesame oil
dash white pepper

Boil the water then add the wonton cook to 3-5 mins or until the wonton float.  
add the cooked wonton to the hot soup stock and add other ingredients. serve immediately. 

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