Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My first Supper Club-Vegan dinner

I had my first clients on the 18th Nov. It was a vegan diner, so I had to be very careful about what I included.

I was nervous and excited, because I never cooked vegan before. But everything turned out well, except I used small amount honey to marinate the tofu, and I learned that honey is not vegan.

Thanks to KateAdrianMatthewPeterMike for coming and enjoying a lovely night with us. They are interesting people and good company.

Here is the menu we servered:

Boiled Edamame 
A favorite appetizer in China, the simple mix of boiled soybeans, salt and Star Anise is the perfect starter.

 Baked tofu with lime and soy sauce
The tofu is marinated overnight in sesame oil, lime juice and soy sauce, then slow baked to seal in the citric and salty tastes.

Green Salad with Miso-Ginger dressing

A lively, non-dairy dressing from the venerable Moosewood cookbook

Main Course
Wild rice, cranberry and walnuts salad
A good winter dish, with a balanced mix of grain flavours, sweet and sour from the cranberries, and the nutty taste of walnuts. It is also very nutritious, with complementary proteins from the rice and the nuts.

 Stir-fried green bean with pickled olive
From Canton (Guangdong) province, the pickled olives add a unique aroma to the beans, which are first blanched in vegetarian stock.

Broccoli soup with goji
Known in the UK as wolfberries, goji are common in China to add "coolness" to a dish and for bright eyes.

  Banana-coconut-yogurt cake
  This moisture non-dairy cake is delicous too.

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  1. Grace, it was fantastic. I particularly liked the soup and cake, and I'll never dislike tofu. And since I'm not vegan I didn't personally mind the honey. ;)

    I think you have a bright future in a home dining business and I wish you the best for it.



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