Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Supper

Today Brian's co-worker had a fund-raising sale, which they call "carboot sales", since most people don't have a garage so they can't have garage sales.  Brian rode a long way there on his bike and got me some kitchen accoutrements such as pots, and a baking dish.  In the US I had almost everything I needed in the kitchen,  thanks to the garage sales every weekend; that's one thing I really miss about US.

After he came back we went to the nearby St. Ann's allmont for Apple day (there were no iPhones or iPads being given away, sadly).   It is a neighborhood community garden, allegedly the "largest and oldest Victorian detached town garden" in the world.  It is very big but kind of wild and overgrown, it is not like the well organized community gardens we say in the States.  Since it was apple day, there were a lot of activities for kids, like apple pressing where they all got to take turns with the presser.  I felt a bit like I didn't fit in.  There was also a display of many different kinds of apples, most of which we had never heard of.   Anyway it was a nice autumn day, not wet and we watched kids pressing apple juice which was fun. 

Tonight's dinner: (thanks to Brian's chopping)

                Caramelized endive with ham

                White fish and corn chowder

           Roasted potatoes with lemon and sage
   Home made pumpkin and Chinese 5-spices ice cream

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