Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dinner with 2 kids 1 baby and 5 adults

Last night we had dinner with my husband co-workers, who brought their cute and lovely kids. The children made the dinner very lively.

Spicy carrot leek soup
Deep fried sage & parseley
Cucumber and poppy seed salad
Sweet and sour red cabbage
Puree parsnip
Fried eggplant with ground pork (server with rice)
Roasted chicken with anchovy butter
red wine poached pear with homemade lime coconut ice cream

Thanks Rachel、Robert、Laura and their children for the companionship and the flowers and candy.we had a good time!


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  1. Hi Grace! I have finally been given a spare moment by Ebrahim to read your blog; I must say, it is great! Not only does the food look delicious ( and I know from first hand it tastes how it looks!) your writing is very entertaining. Thank you for the history lesson about Roman eating traditions. I am looking forward to coming to your January supper club fundraiser too! Good luck with becoming Nottingham's very own expert foodie, Rachel


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