Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dinner for 6, plus two buns in the oven

Another dinner with Brian's co-workers:
One couple even give birth on the next day, it made me kind of nervous.

Date: Oct. 3rd

Menu: Prosciutto wrap melon
      Tahini marinated eggplant
      Stuffed mushroom

      Lavash crackers with peperonate topping

      Green beans with picked olive
      Lamb stew (a jamie olive recipe)
      Sticky toffee cake with buttersccotch sauce and home-made rose water safron ice cream

I'm sorry for the terrible pictures,I'll get my new camera soon.

Thanks to David, Ines & Nuno (the couple) and their twins to come for sharing a wonderful night with us.  Funny, we come to England and didn't have any British people there!

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